# Honda Family Road Trip

Few days before went to work as an event crew
it was the Honda Family Road Trip
Years to counted back since the last time I work as part-timer
In the event, I'm locate at test drive booth where we will deal with lots of customer, dealer, and also Honda carss :D
take the opportunity tested all the test drive cars like Honda Jazz, City, Accord, CR-V and also ODYSSEY!
it was a great experience where I tried and learnt the latest technology available in those cars
And what I can say is, Honda is one of the good choices for those who looking for a comfort, class and fuel-economy car

btw, the best thing in the event is that Im able to work with some nice guys - Yan, Chyuan and Lyjo [sadly im the oldest, haha]
Have some chit-chatting, sharing session and hanging around during our free time
although the time is short, but yea, they are a good friends to talk and be with
[positive, young and energetic!  :D]
Hope that all of them enjoy the things they are doing now and all all the best in the studies!
keep in touch and we might meet up someday, if have the chance :)


resting for the whole day today. OMG! so lazy, zzz.
gonna continue my research work tomorrow
And too, visit gym again
Penang Bridge Marathon is around the corner. One more week!
target for this year, hm, within 2 hours and 45 min for 21km
can I? to be reveal soon XD

 dannyone & kahchun

Our laughter is being freeze in the past


在任何艰难的情况下,人类是可以生存的,主要是在于想获得多少。 生活,他得从心出发,世界给不了我们什么。加油!送给还在努力中的你。

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