Thaipusam in Penang 2017

8 & 9th February 2017

This year I had my chance to joined and witness the silver chariot procession in the early day on the eve of the celebration. Along the procession route, the devotees are armed with gifts including milk pots and coconuts which are eventually smashed as offerings to fulfill sacred vows. 

In the late, I joined my friend
 HueiGau, one of the great men who displayed his fervour by carrying large contraptions known as Kavadi, to fulfill his vow dedicated to Lord Murugan. May him and all the devotees get blessed for their faith, endurance and penance.
In fact, Thaipusam is one of the major religious festival in our country, and it was a beautiful yet spiritual celebration we should not miss out. 

And Yes! One of the best place to witness this annual celebration, definitely will be in my lovely hometown, Penang!


在任何艰难的情况下,人类是可以生存的,主要是在于想获得多少。 生活,他得从心出发,世界给不了我们什么。加油!送给还在努力中的你。

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