Photography Outing : Summer Styles for Women

Group Photo ( captured by Nelson )

Four models of the day ( Rubes, Alice, Gloria & Syrill )


Effect Editing:

I fell in love with the process of taking pictures, with wandering around finding things.
Its a kind of feeling search.
I like ordinary objects as they are beautiful in their way.
like me, an ordinary man - for me

A plate of tasty char koey teow cost you ten bucks.
 A picture of you taking char koey teow with your old-grandma, priceless.

Without camera, people ask me what equipment i use.
i tell them my eyes.

09082015 Hotel Lone Pine Beach
 EOS DSLR Penang :: Summer Styles for Women
Oh ya, would like to send my biggest thanks to eos dslr penang 
for giving me chance to become one of the eos crew
feeling anticipate to learn from them throughout every outing
will do my best to support them :)

Photography is about sharing. 
Just like what the EOS DSLR slogan said: 


在任何艰难的情况下,人类是可以生存的,主要是在于想获得多少。 生活,他得从心出发,世界给不了我们什么。加油!送给还在努力中的你。


  1. I love the line of you saying taking pic with granma is priceless
    I always agree that our eyes are the best camera in the world but photos record the moments
    Keep it up! :)
    p.s: So happy for you for getting a step closer to your dream ^^

  2. Oh. Psps. So late jst realise ur msg. Haha.
    Yea. Gonna take as much photos as i can when my eyes still can see the world.
    Thanks ya. Still a long way to go, but at least on the pathway :)