Penang Street Art Mural : Nagore Square

"Nagore Square refers to two rows of rehabilitated townhouses along the intersection of Burma Road and Nagore Road, in Georgetown, Penang. It is a destination with a mix of retail, arts and cultural, food and beverage and entertainment areas. The area is a hybrid of outdoor and indoor outlets showcasing Penang's heritage designs of the old world amidst contemporary settings."

Nagore Mews is a small section of area locates proximity to Nagore Square. This place was originally built as mews and was converted to become living quarters and housed numerous sundry tenants for a number of decades. Lately, the mews were bought over and being rehabilitated. Lately, this old heritage houses has now become the canvas for the Urban Xchange International Street Art Festival.

Urban Xchange is the first international street art festival organised by a Berlin-based urban arts centre and Hin Bus Depot Art Centre on 15-23 Nov 2014. This festival featured about 20 murals by local and foreign artists painted at various spot in Georgetown area. The concept of this festival was all about increasing Penang’s visibility as a vibrant art centre on the global map.

And today I would like to introduce this place (Nagore Square) as it is one of the areas which involved in Urban Exchange programme. I visited Nagore Square few weeks ago. Before going there, I had done some homework regarding the murals location and the way to go. Haha, sadcase, this is my first time visit that area other than hunting for food at New World Park. Although I'm still proudly known myself as penangite :S Perhaps, I like this place, as it like a small town with the mix of cultural, food and entertainment area, without those high rise building and residential area. Based on my research from others blog or website, there are a few murals yet I can't find it after two or three times looking for it. I guess it had been removed by MPPP due to that it did not bring any enhancement to the value of the heritage city or its only available for limited time.

Now, let us have a look on these murals (not all murals are under Urban Xchange programme):

Location 1: Urban Xchange - Antanas Dubra (Lithuania)

Location 2: Urban Xchange - RONE (Australia)  

Location 2: Urban Xchange - Karl Addison (Germany)

Location 3: Urban Xchange - Vexta (Australia)

Location 4: Urban Xchange - Karl Addison (Australia)

Location 5: Unknown Artist Street Art Mural

Location 6: #foursomekl (Malaysia)

Location 7: Urban Xchange - Elle (United States)

Others: - inside Nagore Mews -

Others: - graffiti somewhere around Nagore Square -

Location Map (number in map refers to number of  location of photo title):
Getting there by Rapid Penang bus : No. 101, 102, 103, 104 and 304

Art is subjective. Everyone has different opinions. Most importantly, it can fits into the context of our heritage. For sure, art exhibition will greatly exposing our island to the world.


在任何艰难的情况下,人类是可以生存的,主要是在于想获得多少。 生活,他得从心出发,世界给不了我们什么。加油!送给还在努力中的你。


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