3/6 Penang Trip Day 3 ( Batu Ferringgi )

2day is the 3rd day we hang around Penang Island in dis week
it seem like a bit crazy for our planning dis time
as a penangite, we still travel around our own land and not to other states or country
sounds funny right?
anyway, its a gud question
if one day somebody asking u,
" where is da Kapitan Keling Mosque huh?"
and then u answer,
" erm... mayb u can refer penang travel guide, i never listen dat place b4, so sorry yea.. "
its a bit shame ~~
huhu, faster pick up ur bag n start the journey wiv us
u sure wil find some unique n interesting places around =)

okler, should shorten my notes for 2day
a bit lazy..

Location: north part of Penang Island ( Batu Feringgi - Teluk Bahang )
Depart time: 6 . 0 0 a m

First Station: Penang National Park - Monkey Beach
Just about 20km away from the bustling city there is a little green pocket nestled at the north western corner of Penang Island. This 1,265 hectare site became a National Park in 2003.

when we reach there, we dcide to rent a boat to pantai keracut.
but due to da boat charge is too high n we juz 4 ppl a group so nt worth it then we change our location to monkey beach
haha, below is part of dialogue btw vic n da boat service uncle,
" abang, potong sikitlah, kami 4 orang sahaja, jangan mahal sangat. kalau bang potong bagi kami, nx time kami akan bawa banyak kawan datang lagiloh dan promote tempat ini kepada lebih banyak orang, masa itu kamu akan untung lebih banyak "
haha.. vic should be useful for us when at somewher pasar nx time xD

we hav a great time at monkey beach
although being sunburn n disturb by the monkeys
but its really fun playing at there
i hv snap a few naked photos of my frens at there ( upper body =P )
haha, da photos now hd been highly protected

Second Station: Hard Rock Hotel
Located in the Pearl of orient , Hard Rock Hotel Penang is iconic, bringing the multicultural Penang to new heights with its authentic Hard rock experience. This hip and trendy resort in Penang is suitable for families, couples, and singles for their relaxing accomodation in Penang.

wearing da wet cloth frm the beach n acting like a group of tourist
ohno, we successfully sneak into it, haha
after taking sometime bath inside the toilet providing near the swimming pool there
a new look is born ^^
and then we continue our photo session at there

b4 going bck, we having our lunch at Seoul Garden in gp
a good station for us to fill our stomach

conclude for the journey 2day
its tired , but Happy =)

more photos plz click: ( 18sx )


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