ButterFly Farm 11/5

the day bfo ytd i went to Butterfly Farm which located at Teluk Bahang
haha.. its the among places in penang dat i never go bfo
i was accompanied by JianQi, Edmund n Vic
it was da first time we fetching by JianQi

say really, we r a bit unfaith to his driving skill at first, haha...
around 10.15am we reach our destination safely
well, since it is the first time i'm at there
sure gt a bit xcited n wonders how its look like
we take photo frm the beggining til the end of the park =D
many different species, color n sizes butterfly r fly over here n there in da farm
bside this, there r oso several animals n flowers can b observe
hm, its really worth for going there, esp for those who never go bfo
really out of my expectation =P Nice !

Support Tourism of Penang
Keep Our Environment Clean , Lives with the Nature !!

for more photos plz click:


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