27/2 - 1/3

last sat 27/2 hav a wonderful time wiv fren n workmate
we go subaidah hav our supper
Jeremy, Sarah, Ben, Domienee, Lin Ming, Jass, Ah Fan
althougth at there me keep bully by them nia
but stil happy ler ^^
1 things we 4got to do is take pic ><
somemore hor Sarah n Domienee feel v.hot at there ~
huhu~ hot til whole face bcum red O.O
after finish our supper
ah Fan bring us go ah Sai hous
ish.. so big n so beautiful da scene there <>
nx time i wanna own much more than it ><

2day is da first day of march
2day whole day checking store at shop
i check all male jeans
after finish i go nx door help evelyn to check their stok
eww.. they hv much stok then we do ><

12 le.. stil waiting =)


在任何艰难的情况下,人类是可以生存的,主要是在于想获得多少。 生活,他得从心出发,世界给不了我们什么。加油!送给还在努力中的你。

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